South African Braaibroodjies

Braai Braaibroodjies South African Food

South African braai breads as a recipe

On a South African braai you bake typical South African recipes in addition to the "usual" food. One of those recipes is a braaibroodjie, if you translate this into Dutch you get a barbecue bread. The recipe is better known in our country as the grilled cheese sandwich. We are not used to a grilled cheese sandwich from the BBQ, or braai, in the Netherlands.
Where we have special sandwich irons at our disposal to make the perfect toasted sandwich, they do that in South Africa on the braai. Make sure you let the braaibroodjies grill slowly. There are different types of braaibroodjies, none of them are wrong. So which do you like?

South African braaibroodjies recipe and preparation method

Do you also want to make tasty braaibroodjies? You will need the following ingredients:

  • - 8 slices of casino bread
  • - 100 gr cheddar
  • - 1 red onion
  • - Butter
  • - 1 tomato
  • - Chutney (In South African they use chutney as well)

Grate the cheddar and sprinkle it over the slices of casino bread. Cut the red onions into wafer-thin rings and the tomato into slices of normal thickness. No, we have not forgotten the butter. Brush the outside of the bread with butter and place the sandwiches over a heated grill. Make sure to check them regularly and turn them over, when they are golden brown on either side they are ready to be
removed from the braai. A delicious but easy recipe with which you can serve a great lunch or starter for 4 people within 20 minutes.

South African braaibroodjies on a braai stand for fun in South Africa.

In the Netherlands, we see everyone going to the supermarket as soon as we indicate to weathermen and women that summer weather is expected. The BBQ is covered in dust and, before the corona pandemic, friends and/or family are invited to come and eat.
After 1 or 2 hours of barbecuing, we are ready in our country. In South Africa this is slightly different: the food is all served at the same time. Instead of small pieces of meat, large pieces are prepared. By putting all this large meat in the braai it has to cook for longer, so the visitors have more time to socialize. In addition, they also find it more pleasant if everyone has his/her food available at the same time.

Do you also want to prepare South African braai breads?

Make sure that the approach is not to eat quickly, make it a pleasant affair. In South Africa they even have a special holiday for the braai, on September 24 they celebrate "National braai day". That just shows how important the braai itself and the braai as an event is in this country. Sociability and togetherness are paramount, keep that in mind if the weather is allowed. Have a nice braai!

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