The Springbok: The South African National Animal

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Springbok South Africa National Animal
The Springbok is not only a symbol of it's presence in South Africa, there is more to it. South Africa is a country that suffered greatly in the time when colonies were the most normal thing in the world. Slavery, exploitation and racial inequality were the order of the day and white people ruled. After the abolition of apartheid, the symbol was also abolished. Black and white people were equal again and no longer wanted a symbol that reminded us of that time. The rugby team was allowed to keep the symbol through the efforts of Nelson Mandela. He wanted to prevent skin color from meaning anything within the rugby team. The
symbol has long since been accepted by the entire population and is worn with pride. Both by rugby players and non-rugby players.

Did you know that Springbok South Africa's rugby team is called "the springboks"?
Did you know that rugby in South Africa is just as big as football in countries like the Netherlands and England? It is the national sport par excellence and extremely popular in the country. Every week competitions are organized throughout South Africa, from amateur to professional level. It is not entirely illogical that the national team has a nickname. A name for a team that the entire country is proud of, and they show that during world championships, among other things.Because the springbok is the most famous icon in South Africa, it was decided to call the rugby team "the Springboks". The springboks can be recognized by their beautiful green and yellow (and sometimes a touch of white)
uniforms. The sport is tough, but incredibly tactical and fair. A real pleasure to look at.


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